Paid internships for persons with disabilities

Last updated August 5, 2021
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The city aims to serve the entire population and wants its employees to reflect the diversity of its residents. This is why we are offering persons with disabilities the opportunity to gain a six-month work experience.

Are you a graduating student or holder of a diploma in one of the disciplines listed below? Apply now to participate in the Career Springboard for Persons with Disabilities workforce integration program. 

You’ll get personalized guidance with experienced career mentors. We have a number of employees just waiting to share their knowledge with you.

A variety of job fields

The recruitment period for the 2020 Career Mentorship is now over. Nearly 70 positions were made available in 20 different job fields. Between now and the next edition, please see available job opportunities (in French) and select the “Stages et parrainage professionnel” (Internships and Career Mentorship) category.

Check out participants’ testimonials

Check out these testimonials (in French) from Célia, Rosalie and Julien, three participants in the Career Springboard for Persons with Disabilities program. All three gained rewarding work experience with a welcoming team, where they could work independently putting their skills to good use.

Would you like guidance?

See Emploi-Québec’s directory of specialized employability organizations

You’ll find a number of resources in the greater Montréal area whose mission is to facilitate job seeking for persons with disabilities. These organizations will help you get a subsidy letter and prepare your application.