Seasonal jobs, student jobs and internships

Last updated December 18, 2023

Are you searching for a seasonal job or a student job? Are you looking to complete an internship? Each year, the city hires more than 1,200 people straight out of Secondary 3 and upwards.

Seasonal jobs

Work as a lifeguard or a day camp counsellor, or work at a sports complex: A variety of full- and part-time seasonal jobs are offered both during the summer and year-round.

Student jobs 

Various full-time positions are available during the summer, from paralegal jobs to work in horticulture and arboriculture inspection. They allow you to gain experience in your field of study at the secondary (DES), vocational (DEP) or college level (DEC).


Several full-time jobs are offered throughout the year to students at the university level (BA), including in actuarial science, ecology, real estate, and much more. The internship allows you to earn the school credits required to successfully complete your program. It can vary in duration and may be remunerated.

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