Administrative and technical jobs

Last updated February 24, 2024

Are you dedicated to customer service and keen to deliver quality services to Montrealers? Do you get excited by technical challenges and enjoy being in the heat of the action? Montréal offers many different types of jobs as well as opportunities to innovate.

Types of jobs

Check out the types of jobs we offer to find an administrative or technical position that has the challenges you’re looking for:

  • Administrative jobs in finance/accounting:
    • Accounting clerk
    • Administrative support clerk
    • Budget clerk
    • Control clerk
    • Payroll and benefits administration clerk
  • Administrative or managerial assistant
  • Community communications agent (311 - Resident Services)
  • Library assistant or library technician
  • Office clerk
  • Technical jobs in:
    • Architecture
    • Building services
    • Building structure
    • Civil engineering - water and sewers
    • Horticulture and arboriculture
    • Human resources
    • Instrumentation and controls
    • Landscape architecture
    • Legal (municipal court)
    • Municipal engineering
    • Traffic and parking
    • Urban planning
    • Water supply system and drainage
  • Inspection jobs in:
    • Buildings 
    • Horticulture and arboriculture
    • Issuing permits 
    • Public property
    • Traffic and parking

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