Professional jobs

Last updated May 19, 2024

Would you like to be a valued advisor and take part in major projects? See all the jobs where you can play a vital role in making Montréal a thriving city.

Types of jobs

Check out the types of jobs we offer to find an administrative or technical position that has the challenges you’re looking for:

  • Advisor in the following fields:
    • Land-use planning
    • Economic development
    • Housing development
    • Property valuation
    • Financial management
  • Architect
  • Business analyst
  • Chemist
  • Communications officer
  • Computer systems administrator
  • Arts, fitness and sports activities development agent
  • Engineer
  • IT developer and solutions architect
  • Landscape architect
  • Land surveyor
  • Lawyer
  • Legal counsel
  • Librarian
  • Project manager — major projects
  • Property manager

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