Summer and year-round jobs at the city

Whether or not you are a student, the city offers full- and part-time jobs during the summer and year-round. Enjoy sports and outdoor recreation? Or do you prefer customer service? No matter where your interests lie, we have a job for you.

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Sauveteuse, Ville de Montréal

You supervise the swimming area and enforce the rules. You interact with customers and respond in emergencies. You ensure that operations run smoothly and work with your teammates to maintain the premises.

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Facility Monitor

Surveillant d'installation, Ville de Montréal

You are responsible for supervising a number of cultural, sports and recreational facilities. You communicate information about the use of these facilities and ongoing activities, while ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed.

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Reception and Admission Clerk

Préposée à l'accueil et aux droits d'entrée, Ville de Montréal

You help prepare various events and act as a host. You receive reservation requests for groups, offer customers different types of tours and, if necessary, ensure follow-up and coordination. You handle ticket sales and manage revenues.

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Day Camp Counsellor

Animateur de camp de jour, Ville de Montréal

You lead team games or group activities with children. You enforce the rules and ensure that the outdoor facilities and premises are kept clean.

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Student – Jardin Botanique Restaurant

Étudiante, restaurant du Jardin botanique de Montréal

You prepare dishes for the Botanical Garden’s food services. You handle sales and transactions. You’ll also clean the work areas to keep them clean.

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Recreation Assistant

Aide en loisirs, Ville de Montréal

You greet the public at various outdoor facilities and promote the services and activities offered in nature parks and Mount Royal Park. You patrol the trails, maintaining order and surveillance during visitor hours.

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Cleanliness Brigade

Brigade propreté, Ville de Montréal

You travel around the city collecting abandoned garbage and emptying street trash cans. You offer the population a clean and pleasant environment.

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