Career Mentorship: A springboard for your career

Last updated July 7, 2022
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Are you having trouble finding a job despite your experience? Give your career a boost by participating in the Career Mentorship program, which offers 6 months of paid work experience in an industry that matches your education.

New career perspectives

The Career Mentorship program enables you to: 

  • Be mentored by people who are specialists in a particular domain
  • Discuss with colleagues working in your career field
  • Showcase your skills 
  • Obtain significant work experience that will help you enter the job market.

Employment Conditions:

  • Remuneration up to $23.47 / hr
  • 35 hours per week
  • Duration of 26 weeks: From September to March

Who can take part in the Career Mentorship program?

Participants must:

  • Be eligible for the Services Québec Wage Subsidy – Work Experience component 
  • Have never participated in the Career Mentorship program
  • Live in Greater Montréal
  • Have studied in a job-related field
  • Have the required experience in the job’s field of activity, whether acquired in Québec or abroad.

This program is not intended for students looking for an end-of-program internship.

A variety of job fields

Dozens of positions were made available over the last few years, in 20 different job fields. Between now and the next edition, please see available job opportunities (in French) and select the “Stages et parrainage professionnel” (Internships and Career Mentorship) category.

Participant testimonials

Check out the testimonials of Brulinda, Sihem, Alejandro, Angelin, Andrea and Agnieszka (in French). The Career Mentorship program has enabled them to gain recognized experience and expertise that has served as a springboard for their future careers.

I’m happy with my first Canadian experience, I got along well with the team and the tasks assigned. I was able to familiarize myself with the way work is done and the programs used. In the end I learned a lot and the work environment was friendly.

I was very satisfied with this mentor/mentee experience; I had great supervision and I fit quickly into the team. People helped me find information and delegated me tasks and responsibilities across several projects and mandates, which strengthened my skills and allowed me to acquire new ones.