Snow removal in LaSalle

Last updated February 20, 2023
Reading time: 3 min

In the winter, the Travaux publics department is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure your safety. Since snow removal is everyone’s business, find out how you can help our crews work faster for you as well as the measures put in place in the borough.

Short explanatory video clips

As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words!” So we have prepared short video clips of less than a minute to give you tips on the important subjects relating to snow removal operations:

Sound warning – illegal parking

We demystify for you the horn emitted by the tow trucks during a snow loading operation. We wish to remind you that when vehicles are parked illegally, the tow trucks send out sound signals to warn the motorists at fault that they must move their vehicles. Although these sound signals are unpleasant, please note that they are necessary for the borough to be able to proceed with snow removal operations.

What is Info-stationnement?

Every year, the winter part of the parking signs is in force from November 16 to April 15. So you must look at the information located at the bottom of the permanent parking signs. In order not to interfere with snow removal operations, it is important to always follow the instructions posted on these signs and, before you park, to call the number posted on them, in order to avoid getting a parking ticket.

Here we explain Info-Stationnement in 30 seconds, tops! Ready to go? Let’s get started!

Good neighbour relations

Would you like to be named Best Neighbour on your block? We have the solution for you!


Did you know that snowplows are on the road even when it’s not snowing? They spread abrasives when there is a risk of ice, to ensure pedestrians’ safety! So here is a little advice for collections to be carried out smoothly.

Putting snow on public property

A little message to pass on to your own snow removal contractor that will save you a lot of trouble!

Good habits to adopt (or maintain!)

We have listed 5 that are very easy to follow every day.


  • Less than 5 cm: ice melter and abrasives are spread
  • Starting at 2,5 cm: roads and sidewalks are cleared during the snowfall
  • Over 12 cm: after snow removal, a snow loading operation gets underway and may take 2 to 6 days to complete, depending on the amount of the snowfall


Each winter, sign rules are in effect from November 16 until April 15. Follow the rules at the bottom of the permanent road signs. In order not to interfere with snow removal operations, it is important to follow the instructions on the signs and to call the telephone number marked there before parking on the no-parking side of the street. In order to free up on-street parking spaces, we urge you to park in your driveway, if you have one!

Permanent signs

Until April 15, you must look at the instructions at the bottom of the (WHITE) permanent signs.

Temporary signs

If you see that temporary (YELLOW) signs have been installed on a street, they take precedence over the restrictions indicated on the permanent (WHITE) signs. The parking restrictions must be obeyed while these temporary signs are in place.

Incentive parking lots

The Borough of LaSalle offers 578 incentive parking lots available to allow residents to park their cars during snow removal operations.


  • These parking lots are offered as a priority basis to residents on streets where snow removal is announced after 8 p.m.
  • Please move your vehicle after 24 hours, so that everyone can benefit from the parking spaces and to avoid being ticketed.

Report a snow removal issue

Did you notice that snow wasn’t properly cleared from a street, sidewalk or bike path in LaSalle? There are two options to report it:

  1. Use the online service to tell us about the location of a street, bike path or sidewalk not properly cleared. Your request will be sent directly to the responsible team who will then be able to follow up.
  2. Contact the Accès LaSalle office by dialing 311.


If you witness a situation that requires immediate response, contact 311.

Temporary car shelters

The installation of temporary shelters for vehicles and pedestrians has been prohibited in LaSalle for the past 30 years, in accordance with the zoning bylaw. Under all circumstances, our residents’ safety is of the utmost importance. All offenders are liable to a fine.

Tools to track the progress of snow removal operations

In winter, we all work together for you in LaSalle, because snow removal is truly our passion!