Water interruption notice

Last updated June 23, 2022
Reading time: 1 min

Have you received a notice that your water supply will be interrupted? Here is what to do to prepare yourself until things return to normal.

Due to work on the water supply system, we have to interrupt the supply of drinking water in your area. The start and end times of the interruption are indicated in the notice that you received.

Water service interruptions are usually short-term. If the interruption has to be extended, we will let you know how you can access drinking water while the work is being carried out.

Some tips on how you can prepare for the interruption

Keep one or more pitchers of water in your refrigerator for your drinking, cooking and other consumption needs. 
Fill your bathtub with water so you can pour it into the tank of your toilet to flush it.
During the interruption, avoid using hot water, because if your water heater runs dry, the elements will overheat.

Return to normal

The tap water is back, but is it cloudy or coloured? Let the cold water run until it becomes clear.
If your tap is equipped with an aerator, first unscrew the nozzle to remove it.

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