About the Musée de Lachine

The Musée de Lachine was founded in 1948, as the then city of Lachine celebrated its centennial of civic incorporation, to showcase the history of the area.


The Musée de Lachine is a municipal museum working for the benefit of the population and the general public. Its mission is to conserve and interpret the Le Ber-Le Moyne National Heritage Site and to develop and maintain an archaeological and historic collection, thereby to document and disseminate the millenial history of the Lachine region, from the occupation by the First Nations to today.


The Musée de Lachine’s objective is to enable Montrealers and people from elsewhere to learn and appropriate the history of the region and those who built it. To this end, the museum aims to be a friendly establishment, attentive to the needs of its community and offering exhibitions as well as organized and self-directed educational and cultural activities to all.


The Musée de Lachine focuses on values of authenticity, accessibility and inclusion, rigour and integrity, as well as generosity and friendliness in sharing and disseminating its heritage.