Bureau d’intégration des nouveaux arrivants à Montréal (BINAM)

Marie-Christine Ladouceur-Girard

The Newcomer Office (Bureau d’intégration des nouveaux arrivants à Montréal, BINAM) helps newcomers integrate into Montréal’s society and economy, and works toward the inclusion of immigrant and racialized people.

The Office works in partnership and collaboration with many multi-sectoral entities, including community, institutional, research and business actors.


  • Mobilize, coordinate and bring together the efforts of several actors to prepare the host society for migrants’ arrival and peaceful coexistence with residents
  • Advocate and act, within the city’s jurisdiction, to ensure the cohesion of services offered in Montréal by proposing solutions to fill gaps, and by working to align efforts and increase flexibility when policies and programs are carried out 
  • Innovate by designing and incubating multiple projects
  • Influence others by promoting good practices and new approaches


BINAM develops and supports projects that address five priority issues:

  1. Economic integration and employment
  2. Fight against racism and discrimination (promote inclusion)
  3. Support for people with precarious immigration status and without legal status
  4. Access to services, coordinating and optimizing services
  5. Access to housing

Major projects

  • Access to municipal services without fear
  • Cellule d’intervention et de protection des migrants (Immigrant protection and intervention cell)
  • Priority inclusion zones initiative
  • Inclusive Montréal in the workplace strategy 
  • Montréal’s Baromètre Écho 2020 on inclusion of immigrants
  • Several financial support programs for NPOs such as Inclusive Montréal and Priority inclusion zones