Register in the supplier database

Are you a business, organization or individual looking to register or re-register in the city’s supplier database? Do you want to change your address or the products and services you offer? Here is how to do it.

Create a supplier account

Fill out the form by answering all the questions. Depending on your answers, you will be directed to the appropriate page for registration.

Type of products and services

Indicate what you are offering:

  • Goods, general services and execution of works
  • Professional services

Is the type of goods you offer not mentioned? Choose an activity close to the one you offer and specify your fields of activity. 

These data are used when city buyers are looking for suppliers to respond to invitational or competitive tenders. Suppliers must select from the database the types of goods and services with which they want to be associated.

Registration confirmation

Once your form is submitted, a confirmation will appear on your screen. You will receive an email with your registration summary and supplier number within five business days. Keep this information on file: You will need it to update your file or to respond to the city’s invitations to bid on competitive or invitational tenders.

Registration summary

Keep this information. It is the only way to see what your supplier record contains. You will not have direct access to your supplier file if you want to view or modify your information. You can write to us to get more information.

Update your file

It is important to inform us of any change of company name, address or telephone number. Suppliers that have not updated their records after more than two years of inactivity on their file will be automatically deleted from the database.

Self-employed workers

Self-employed individuals who have provided their Social Insurance Number (SIN) to the city and have had a business exchange of $500 or more (before taxes) will receive a T4A slip in late February of each year. Those with GST and QST tax numbers will also receive a T4A.

Inquiries regarding a T4A slip should be sent to customer service.

Use of collected data

The information collected during your registration is used exclusively by the city for procurement-related activities. It is kept confidential as stipulated in the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

Have any questions or need help to register?

Write to us with the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Your supplier number
  • Your question/comment/problem
  • Your contact information