The claim process

Last updated May 10, 2021

You can file a claim against the city for material or bodily damage such as a sewer backup, an injury caused by a fall on the sidewalk or damage to property caused by work that was performed by the city.


There are steps to take to file a claim, and you must meet certain deadlines in order for your claim to be assessed.

Examples of claims

A number of situations could lead to filing a claim against the city. Here are a few examples:

  • Your basement is flooded when a water main breaks or a public sewer backs up.
  • You fall on the sidewalk and hurt yourself. 
  • Your car was damaged after hitting a pothole, while being towed or by a branch that fell from a tree owned by the city. 
  • Your property was damaged by a snow removal operation or following work performed by the city or one of its contractors. 

Damages caused by contractors

The city regularly hires contractors for street maintenance or snow removal operations. If your property is damaged as a result of their work, we will forward your claim to the contractor.