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Access to information

Would you like to view a city or borough document? City and borough files are available to you.


Find out how to get a pet license or to report an aggressive dog or a dead animal on a public road. You can also notify the city about other situations involving animals.

Environmentally hazardous incidents

You can report environmentally hazardous incidents to us, such an unusual colour in a body of water, the emission of particles in the air or illegal debris in the sewer.

Filing a complaint about awarding of a tender or contract

Are you participating in a call for tenders and have questions about the process? Do you want to file a complaint? Here is what you need to know.

Food service establishments

Find out how to file a complaint about an establishment that sells or distributes food or report food poisoning.


Want to remove graffiti from your house or garage door, or to report graffiti on street furniture in your neighbourhood?

Issues inside a dwelling

If you are a tenant and your dwelling is poorly heated, does not meet sanitation standards or has rodents, we can help.

Making a complaint about excessive noise

Find out how to report noise caused by your neighbours, a bar or residential renovation work.

Public security

In boroughs where public security teams are present, they conduct preventive patrols in certain districts of concern. They help make the community feel safer.

The claim process

You can file a claim against the city for material or bodily damage such as a sewer backup, an injury caused by a fall on the sidewalk or damage to property caused by work that was performed by the city.