Digital book loans

Last updated June 13, 2024

Montréal’s digital library gives you access to thousands of books online, in French or in English, that you can read or listen to.


Montréal’s libraries have created partnerships with certain online platforms. You’ll need a library card number and its associated password to log in. 

Do you have questions? Visit our digital library  or contact us by e-mail.

Online loans

Pretnumerique and Overdrive allow you to search for, reserve and borrow digital books, including audio books. 

Books are automatically deleted at the end of the borrowing period.

Borrow up to 10 books for 3 weeks (21 days). Reserve 5 books at a time.

Books for youth with learning challenges

BibliOdyssée, taking inspiration from speech therapy practices, offers books for kids ages six to 15 who are living with learning challenges (dyslexia, dysphasia, etc.)