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Last updated December 1, 2021

Are you interested in heritage buildings and districts? Would you like to know if a building is subject to the Cultural Heritage Act? View the Montréal heritage databases to learn more about certain places of interest.


Goldmines of heritage information

Montréal heritage databases contain hundreds of files on buildings and areas of heritage interest. They present the history and architectural or urban characteristics of these sites using brief texts, photos, illustrations and other old and contemporary documents.

Grand répertoire du patrimoine bâti

This tool (in French) records certain buildings and areas of exceptional heritage value and provides information on their history and architectural value. Depending on the subject, you will find:

  • Photographs
  • Administrative information
  • Information about the property’s construction and transformation
  • History of the site
  • Historical figures connected to the building
  • Architectural description
  • Bibliography for the property

Inventory of municipal properties of heritage interest

This website (in French) offers an inventory of municipal properties of heritage interest. The inventory includes most buildings and infrastructure belonging to the city and constructed before 1976 that meet the following criteria:

  • Representative of a historical theme or event
  • Architectural quality (form, use, construction technology)
  • Contribution to the quality of urban life and the landscape

For each building, a detailed listing provides the following:

  • The building characteristics and history, including date of construction, use, name of designer, points of interest, etc.
  • Legal protection

Vieux-Montréal heritage in detail

This directory includes hundreds of listings rich with information about major elements of Vieux-Montréal history.

You can search in such categories as:

  • Buildings
  • Individuals
  • Events
  • Public Art
  • Streets and places 

Each sheet presents a description, some highly detailed (biography, history, important dates, etc.) useful links, information sources, bibliographic details and photos.