Bikes and bike racks

Last updated April 17, 2023

Are you a cyclist looking to park your bicycle on the sidewalk? Are you planning an event and need to have a sidewalk bicycle rack relocated? Find out all about bicycle racks here.

Bicycle racks typically go up in April and are removed some time in October or November. A pictogram announcing the removal is posted on the racks ahead of time. Some boroughs have permanent bicycle racks. 

Parking your bicycle

If a parking meter is not equipped with a bicycle rack, you cannot park your bike there. It is also forbidden to tie your bike to a tree or street furniture. You must use the bicycle racks.

Abandoned or poorly parked bicycle

When parking restrictions are not respected or a bicycle seems to have been abandoned on public property, it will be seized. Contact the appropriate service to retrieve your bicycle.

 Requesting the installation or relocation of a bicycle rack 

You can request that a bicycle rack be installed in a strategic location—on a sidewalk or the road.

You can also ask that it be relocated for work or a special event in an area with a bicycle rack.

Damaged bicycle rack

Notice a damaged bicycle rack? Let us know.

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