Participatory budget

Last updated November 1, 2023

Have an idea for improving the quality of life in the city or your neighbourhood? Thanks to participatory budgets, you can submit project ideas, then vote to make them a reality.

How do participatory budgets work

  1. Residents submit their project ideas.
  2. The city or the borough reviews the ideas received, develops them into achievable projects, or improves them. Then they assess the feasibility of the projects and draw up a final list to submit to a vote.
  3. The projects that receive the most votes are completed, within the allocated budget.

Montréal’s participatory budget

Want to submit a large-scale project that affects the city as a whole? Take part in Montréal’s participatory budget.

Discover the projects carried out thanks to Montréal’s participatory budget.

Participatory budgets of boroughs

Does your idea concern a borough? Participatory budgets are offered in the following boroughs:

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