COP15: Initiatives to Preserve Biodiversity in LaSalle

Last updated December 15, 2022
Reading time: 2 min

In the context of the COP15 conference, the borough of LaSalle is pleased to highlight some of the projects it has carried out to green its territory, while offering you a unique place to visit to contemplate LaSalle’s biodiversity.

Controlling invasive exotic vegetation  

The borough of LaSalle has set up a project to eradicate invasive exotic vegetation (Japanese knotweed and buckthorn), in order to protect biodiversity along the riverbanks. Native species are being planted to provide shelter and food for small wildlife.

Grand Sud-Ouest ecological corridor

This project connects major biodiversity areas between LaSalle and Le Sud-Ouest to protect nature in the city. It is one of the projects selected within the first edition of the city’s participatory budget. In this regard, the borough plans to increase plant biodiversity and promote the creation of habitats for pollinating insects, butterflies, hummingbirds, purple martins, bats and possibly the American kestrel. Many of these species are in decline.  

Tree planting on public property 

The borough recognizes the importance of public trees in the community to green its territory and improve the canopy index. Nearly 600 trees will be planted on the public domain near some private residential properties. 

In the context of global warming and heat islands, urban trees improve our quality of life in several ways:

  • They purify the air and are natural air conditioners that can lower the air temperature by 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. 
  • They contribute to reducing heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer. 
  • They reduce noise and help to prevent erosion of the soil.
  • They beautify the landscape and increase property values by 18-20% in greener areas.

LaSalle’s pride and joy

Have you heard of the famous Parc des Rapides? If you haven’t already done so, the borough suggests that you visit it without delay, as it is a true haven of peace covering 30 hectares in area.

Enjoy a wide range of activities, depending on the season: walking, water sports, cross-country skiing and cycling.

During your walks, take in the view of the river and the Lachine Rapids and discover more than 225 species of birds, including the largest heron colony in Québec.

Popular with birdwatchers, photographers and fishing enthusiasts, the site offers many historical and natural heritage interpretation activities.