Draft petitions eligible under the right of initiative

Last updated February 15, 2022
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Does your draft petition concern the city or your borough? What is the subject of your draft petition? What draft petitions are excluded? Find out what you need to know.

Before submitting a draft petition, please ensure that it is eligible. You may also determine if your project concerns the city or a borough.

Draft petitions eligible in connection with your borough

A draft petition in connection with a borough must concern a subject under the authority of borough council.

For example:

  • the development of a sports facility in a borough park
  • the construction of a recreation centre
  • the amendment of parking regulations in the borough

Draft petitions eligible in connection with the city 

A draft petition in connection with the city must concern a subject under the authority of the executive committee, the city council or the agglomeration council.

For example:

  • construction of new sports facility
  • noise management in Montréal
  • construction of social housing

Principal projects excluded from the right of initiative

A project is not eligible if it concerns:

  • the division of powers
  • governance or the status of the city
  • administrative organization, the management of contracts, or the application of collective agreements
  • the budget, fees or taxes
  • public tenders

The following draft petitions are among those deemed ineligible:

  • constraints to the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
  • draft petitions for which a public consultation process or an approval by referendum is already provided for under law
  • draft petitions already submitted to a public consultation in the last three years
  • draft petitions received in the last two years without leading to the submission of a compliant petition
  • draft petitions that may be submitted to the Commission de la sécurité publique
  • draft petitions that may be the object of a complaint filed with the ombudsman (impacts of an annual festival, etc.)
  • draft petitions in litigation before the courts or already subject to a ruling or an out-of-court settlement