Guide to good neighbourly relations during construction

Are you doing work on your property? This can cause nuisances that disturb your neighbours. Here’s some useful information to help reduce the irritants associated with construction work and ensure the best possible coexistence between neighbours.

Before undertaking any work

Inform your neighbours of your intention to undertake work, the nature and the possible impacts.

Find out what municipal by-laws you will have to comply with. Inform your contractor of the rules to be respected and the measures to be put in place to mitigate the impact of the work.


While work is in progress

You must respect the noise regulations and the permitted work schedules.

  • Notify all your neighbours well in advance if you have to block the street.
  • Put in place measures to mitigate nuisances (dust, noise) and avoid damage to neighbouring properties.
  • You may not encroach on your neighbours’ property to store construction materials or debris. 
  • The site must be cleaned at the end of each working day.
  • Your contractor and his crews must comply with parking regulations. Construction equipment must not be parked on the street at night unless permission is obtained in advance. Vehicles may not be parked on the lawn. You must ask your neighbours for permission to park on their property.

Requesting access to your neighbour’s property

If access to your neighbour’s property is necessary to carry out work, you must make a written or verbal request. If the work done results in damage to his property, you will have to pay him compensation and restore his land.

Planting trees: precautions to be taken

Planning to plant trees? Be sure to plant them at a good distance from your property line. Make sure they will not interfere with electrical, telephone or other wires or pipes buried in the ground when they mature.

To find out more about the rules governing good neighbourly relations, consultthe Justice Québec website.

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