Moving: Tips to avoid throwing things away

Moving requires organization and there are lots of things to manage. What should you give away, throw away or recycle? How can you save time, make life easier on moving day while minimizing the impact of your move on the environment?

Each year in Montréal, 115,000 moves take place between June and July. Did you know that close to 50,000 tons of assorted objects are collected and discarded during this time? You can do your part by taking some simple actions.

Sort well and throw away less

Sort out the things you don’t want to keep and see if you can give them a second life. If you can’ t, then take advantage of collection services to get rid of them responsibly before you move. It will be easier to manage on the big day.

Give away used articles in good condition

Selling or swapping used items are both promising options. Use social media and classified ad sites. 

Don’t have time to sell unwanted items? Why not give them away? Many organizations, donation depots and reuse centres accept furniture and household items, electrical appliances, clothing, toys, sports and leisure items. In addition to drop-off locations where you can bring used items, some organizations offer home pick-up services.

Recycling damaged objects

Some things can be recovered and transformed. Explain what’s wrong with the item when you sell or donate it. Its parts could be used to repair a similar item.

Ecocentres can also pick up some items that no longer work.

Recycle electronic devices

You can drop off your electronic devices, such as computers, printers and cell phones Ecocentres or at collection points (in French) near you.

Non-recyclable items in household waste

Some objects cannot be reused, recycled or recovered and will therefore become waste.

Take advantage of the weekly household garbage  collections, which also accept bulky upholstered items such as sofas and mattresses.

The non-upholstered large items and construction waste collection will help you dispose of your appliances and furniture.

Appliances containing halocarbons, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, must be brought to the Ecocentre.

Handle hazardous household waste with care

Some products should not be thrown in the garbage, such as paint, oil, batteries of all kinds, mercury-type (compact and regular fluorescent) lamps, aerosols…

Occasional collections of hazardous household waste are held in various areas of the island of Montréal. You can also take them to Ecocentres.

Many collections, one tool to view the schedules

Info-collectes (in French) allows you to quickly determine the schedule of all the collections offered in your neighbourhood.

If you still don’t know what to do with items you want to get rid of, visit the “Ça va où?” Web site (in French).