Peel: Redesign work

Last updated December 21, 2021
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Rue Peel is being completely rebuilt, focusing on local mobility and providing a better experience for its many users. The necessary modernization of its utility networks and water mains provides an opportunity to transform the public realm of this vibrant and historic street.

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Completed projects

Peel, between Rue Smith and Boulevard René-Lévesque

Improvements made
Rue Peel is now more attractive for users, thanks to the following actions:

Surface improvements

  • Construction of protected bicycle paths, part of the Express Bike Network (EBN)
  • Widening of sidewalks and installation of granite curbs and concrete pavers
  • Creation of large covered tree pits and the addition of 78 trees
  • Installation of tree grates with designs inspired by archeological discoveries
  • Inclusion of new urban furniture
  • Addition of new LED street lights

Underground improvements

  • Reconstruction or rehabilitation of some parts of the water and sewer system not previously repaired
  • Replacement of electricity, gas and telecommunication networks/lines

Infrastructure and redesign work between Avenue des Pins and Rue Sherbrooke.

Infrastructure work between Rue Notre-Dame and Rue Wellington, as well as between Rue Saint-Antoine and Rue Saint-Jacques.

Why is this necessary?

Some sections of Rue Peel have seen their aging underground infrastructures (water and sewers) replaced recently, but work remains to be done on the rest of the street. This gives the city a unique opportunity to transform the public realm so as to provide citizens with a more enjoyable, more user-friendly space. 

The project also provides an opportunity to showcase Montréal’s rich millennial history and encourage safer, more enjoyable active mobility and public transit.

To learn about the project’s progress and view recent notices to local residents, consult the Info-travaux map.

Visit these sites to learn more about the various components of this project: City of Montréal Urban Planning website

Some work was also done on rue Peel before the begining of the project. For a detailed description of the completed interventions, see: