Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020

Last updated October 8, 2021
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Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020 is Montréal’s 3rd sustainable development plan. Implemented in conjunction with partner organizations, its actions will continue with the Montréal Climate Plan starting in 2021.

Together for a sustainable metropolis

Montréal and its partners are committed to implementing measures to: 

  • Reduce GHGs by 80% by 2050, for a low-carbon Montréal
  • Improve access to services and infrastructures for all, for a fair Montréal
  • Adopt sustainable development best practices, for an exemplary Montréal.


The intervention priorities to meet these objectives were: 

  • reducing GHG emissions and dependence on fossil fuels
  • greening, increasing biodiversity and ensuring the sustainability of resources
  • ensuring access to healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods on a  human scale 
  • making the transition to a green, circular and responsible economy.

Many committed partners

Several organizations have joined the movement and have committed to implementing the Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020 plan jointly with the city. 

Each organization had to choose at least one commitment from the list below:

  • implement one or more actions of the partner organizations’ Action Plan
  • participate in one of the 4 mobilization teams
  • launch or contribute to a sustainable development project on the Faire Montréal platform.

Discover the network of partners and their commitments.

Strategy, evaluation and reports 

Plans are evolving strategies that track the progress of the city’s achievements with specific targets.

Summaries for the city’s plans related to Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020 are presented below. To view the findings of the Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2015-2020, please send an e-mail request to the Bureau de la transition écologique et de la résilience (in French).

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