Spaying/neutering pets

Last updated November 4, 2020

In Montréal, all cats, dogs, and rabbits must be sterilized. Find out everything you need to know.

Find out everything you need to know.

Spaying/neutering of dogs, cats and rabbits helps curb overpopulation and limit the number of unwanted offspring. It also prevents a great many euthanasias.

It is also recommended by veterinarians to prevent health problems such as tumors and infections, as well as several undesirable behaviour patterns (scent marking, running away, bleeding, meowing when in heat, etc.) 

Since January 1, 2020, all cats, dogs and rabbits older than 6 months must be sterilized.

For further information about benefits of spaying/neutering, consult the SPCA Web site.


Your animal does not have to be sterilized if:

  • Spaying or neutering the animal is not medically appropriate
    You must provide a written notice from your veterinarian explaining the reasons for the contraindication. This information concerning your pet will be kept on file.  
  • You have a breeding cat or dog
    You must provide proof that your pet is registered as a breeding animal with a recognized breed association.

Recognized breed associations

Recognized breed associations that can issue proof of registration of a breeding dog:

  • CKC – CCC: Canadian Kennel Club – Club Canin Canadien        
  • AKC: American Kennel Club     
  • UKC: United State Kennel Club      
  • CFC: Canine Federation of Canada   
  • FCI: Fédération cynologique internationale   
  • CBCA: Canadian border collie association

Breed associations that can issue proof of registration of a breeding cat:

  • CCC: Chats Canada Cats 
  • CCA – AFC: The Canadian cat association – Association féline canadienne     
  • FIFE: Fédération internationale féline      
  • LOOF: Livre officiel des origines félines   
  • TICA: The international cat association     
  • WCF: World cat federation·        
  • CFA: American cat fancier association·        
  • CFA: Cat fancier association·        
  • CFF: Cat fancier federation·        
  • GCCF: Governing council of the cat fancy

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