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Organize a haunted alleyway

Want to organize a haunted alleyway with your neighbours on Halloween evening?

Organize a wash-o-thon

Want to use a fire hydrant to wash cars as part of a fundraising initiative? Whether you represent an organization or a company, you must get authorization from your borough.

Put up a clothesline

Would you like to put up a clothesline? Are you wondering if a clothesline permit is required in your borough? Find out what you need to know.

Get a tourist guide permit

Are you a tourist guide who wants to provide services in Ville-Marie, on public property? You must obtain a permit first.

Repair or replacing your exterior siding

Need to repair the exterior siding on your home? Want to completely replace the exterior siding on a building? You must comply with the regulations in force, and in certain cases, you are required to obtain a permit.

Get a parking sticker as a non-occupant owner

Are you the owner of a building that is not your primary residence and that is located on a street where parking is difficult? You can get a sticker to access a reserved parking zone. Here’s how to do so.

Remove an above-ground pool

Do you have an above-ground pool in your yard? Do you wish to replace it or remove all its components? A permit is required to do so in Saint-Laurent. Learn how to apply for a permit through your borough.

Get an annual permit to use pesticides commercially

Does your business use pesticides outside of buildings? You will need a permit, and there are certain requirements you must meet. Find out more here.

Get or renew a special license to keep a potentially dangerous dog

Do you want to obtain or renew a special license to keep your dog, identified as potentially dangerous? Here is how to do so.

Request authorization to undertake work on a heritage property

Are you planning work on a classified property or located within a classified site, a national historic site or in a protection area that requires authorization under the Cultural Heritage Act? Learn more about submitting a request and the process that follows.