Doors and windows

Last updated July 11, 2024

In Montréal you must follow certain rules when installing or replacing doors and windows. Regulations differ for exterior and interior doors and windows as well as bay windows.

Exterior doors and windows

In order to add doors and windows or change their dimensions, you must get a permit and comply with standards pertaining to natural light, ventilation and safety.

Regulations concerning the repair or replacement of doors and windows with models in the same dimension vary from one borough to the next. A permit may be required.

Interior doors

A permit is not required to replace interior doors, except if they are located in a common space with several dwellings, such as a corridor or a staircase.

In the latter case, a permit is required and the door must form a fire separation that meets the requirements set out in Québec’s building code.

Bay windows and French doors

A permit is required to install or replace bay windows and sliding French doors (patio doors). You must comply with certain standards pertaining to:

  • the location in relation to the property limit
  • the percentage of the façade occupied by the doors or windows
  • the combustibility of the bay windows
  • the rate of fire spread across a window surface
  • exits

We recommend that you consult a plans and specifications specialist.

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