Montréal commits to support local and responsible purchasing

Montréal is upgrading its procurement policy to favour local, responsible and social purchasing of goods and services. Three new types of supplier selection criteria are intended to boost the city’s economy and ease ecological transition.

Why adopt new practices?

The city makes over $3 billion in purchases each year. As a result, procurement is a powerful lever for developing a local, circular, social, low-carbon and inclusive economy. Montréal’s new responsible purchasing policy favours companies whose practices are aligned with these goals.

Under this policy, SMEs, which represent 99 per cent of businesses in Montréal, can access the city’s public contracts more easily. The policy also benefits social economy enterprises and local, emerging and diverse suppliers. The city wants to do business with responsible companies that reduce their ecological footprint, without excluding current suppliers.

This new policy is part of theMontréal 2030strategic plan, a vision of the future focused on economic, social and ecological resilience.

Three new types of criteria

The new policy introduces three types of supplier selection criteria:

  1. Economic criteria, such as the location of companies and the proportion of products or services designed, produced or assembled locally.
  2. Social criteria, such as compliance with labour standards, employment equity, adoption of the social economy business model and representation of diversity among the company’s owners or shareholders.
  3. Environmental criteria, such as product sustainability, carbon emissions, energy consumption, and environmental and human health impacts.

Learn more about the criteria and the city’s “buy local” vision:

Doing business with the city

The supplier database is the gateway for any individual, company or organization wishing to offer their products or services to the city. City buyers use this database to select suppliers that will be invited to submit bids.

Want to register in the supplier database or update your file? View the supplier page (in French).