Sainte-Catherine Ouest: Phase 1

Last updated June 27, 2022
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In the heart of downtown, from Rue De Bleury to Mansfield, Rue Sainte-Catherine is being transformed. Infrastructure and street design work is currently underway. Once completed, people will enjoy a wider, greener, more modern shopping street.

The future rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest: A revitalized thoroughfare

With just a single traffic lane, bordered by broader sidewalks and re-greened with the addition of numerous trees, Montréal’s iconic commercial strip will place pedestrians at the heart of the public space. This major thoroughfare will connect the different public places around it, including the Place des Festivals, Square Phillips, and Avenue McGill College. Phase 1 of the project will also include work on Square Philips, Place du Frère-André and the adjacent streets.

As well, existing green spaces will be consolidated to increase plant cover and create cool spaces for Montrealers during the heat of summer. This major street, which can be made pedestrian-only depending on the time of year and events, will become one of Montréal’s star sites!

Images of the Sainte-Catherine Ouest Project (Phase 1)

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Recent news

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Completed Work

Development work on Rue Sainte-Catherine O between Boulevard Robert-Bourassa and Rue Mansfield (Lot 1B) has been completed in 2021.

Infrastructure and design work on Square Phillips (lot 2D) started in October 2020 and continues. Infrastructure and design work on Rue Union has been completed in 2021.

Development work between Rue De Bleury and Boulevard Robert-Bourassa (Lot 1A) has been completed in 2020. Infrastructure work was finalized between Robert-Bourassa and Mansfield (Lot 1B).

Infrastructure and design work between Square Phillips and Rue Union (lot 2D) started in October 2020 and continues.

Following the preparatory work, the city carried out infrastructure work between Rue De Bleury and Rue Robert-Bourassa (Lot 1A-Infrastructures) from February to October of 2019. In 2019, development work (Lot 1A-Development) began between Rue De Bleury and Rue Saint-Alexandre (July to November).

Work on the Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Redevelopment Project began in 2018 with preparatory work (rehabilitation of the collector between Robert-Bourassa and De Bleury and construction of access pits for the Commission des services électriques between Mansfield and Robert-Bourassa).  These preparatory work operations were carried out from January to May of 2018.