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Report damages caused by sidewalk repairs

Have you observed damage to your hedges, lawn, fence or other private property following repairs carried out on the sidewalk? Learn how to report the damage to your borough.

Report property damage caused by a snow removal vehicle

Has your fence or hedge been damaged by a snow removal vehicle? Or has your lawn been damaged? Report it to us.

Report a coyote

Have you spotted a coyote? Did you encounter a coyote while walking your dog? Reporting your coyote sighting helps us live more harmoniously alongside this wild animal. Learn how to report your sighting here.

Report an environmentally harmful event

Have you observed something that seems abnormal relating to air, a waterway or a sewer in Montréal? Do you think that suspicious emissions or discharges occurred? Report it to us.

Report an election sign that has fallen or that poses a safety hazard

Have you seen an election sign obstructing the view of a traffic light or sign, or lying in the street? Learn how to report it.

Report an issue with a traffic light

Is there a broken streetlight or a problem at an intersection? Let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Report a maintenance or safety problem in a dwelling

Is your heating system defective? Is water infiltrating your dwelling? Is your plumbing not functioning properly? You must immediately notify your landlord about the problem by taking the following steps.

Report the presence of insects or rodents in a dwelling

If you are a tenant in Montréal and are dealing with cockroaches, bed bugs or rodents, you must immediately notify your landlord by taking the following steps.

Report insect pests on public property

Some insects that have been reported on the island of Montréal are harmful or can be hazardous to your health. Have you seen a nest on public property? Find out how to report it.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Have you seen a scrap vehicle abandoned on a street? Or perhaps on private property? If the vehicle cannot run, you can report it to us, no matter whether it is on the street, an alley, or on public or private property.