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Buy a building at the tax sale

Would you like to buy a building at the tax sale? Here is what you need to know.

Reinstate a suspended driver’s license

Did you receive a notice of suspension of your driver’s license from the SAAQ after failure to pay a statement of offence? Find out how to have your license reinstated.

Pay an instalment of your payment agreement

Did you make a payment agreement with municipal court? Find out how to pay your instalments.

Check the balance of your tax account

Would you like to check if your municipal tax or transfer tax account is paid? Find out how to view your account balance.

Return an overdue document to the library

Have you borrowed a book, a DVD or another document from the library, but haven’t returned it by the authorized due date? Late fees will be applied.

Pay a balance to stop the sale of a building for taxes

Is your building for sale due to defaulted payment of property taxes or property transfer duties? Find out how to pay your balance and end the process.

Pay a bill

Did you receive a bill for a false police or fire alarm, temporary occupancy of public property, arena rental or café-terrace occupancy? Find out how to pay it.

Pay a local improvement tax

Did you receive a bill for local improvement tax? Find out when and how to pay it.

Pay your tax account

Have you received your annual municipal tax account? You can pay it in one or two instalments. Read on to find out how and when to pay your tax account.

Pay your water tax account invoice

Are you the owner or occupant of a non-residential building? Did you receive an invoice for your water tax account? Find out how to pay it.