Bibliothèque du Boisé

Last updated June 14, 2022
2727 Boulevard Thimens
Montréal, QC H4R 1T4

Du Boisé library is located near the woods in parc Marcel-Laurin.


Indoor and outdoor activities have resumed in libraries. 

You can borrow items in two different ways: 

  1. Reserve in advance and pick up later 

You can reserve items online or by phone. We will contact you once your items are ready at the library and you can then pick them up.

2. Choose items on site

You can now access library shelves to choose your own items.

Terms and conditions:

  • Maximum 15 reservations per library card
  • Loan time: Three weeks for all types of items and 1 week for DVD’s
  • Maximum 40 items per card


You can bring items to the library counter or use the outdoor drop-off chute. You must return fragile items, such as toys and musical instruments, at the counter as usual.

Computer stations and individual seats

There are computer stations and individual seats available for users at the libraries. 

Rules and conditions for stations and seats

  • Reservation by phone (recommended) or on site, up to seven days in advance for computer stations only.
  • Limits: 
    • Computer stations: maximum of 3h / day, up to 12h / week. 
  • You must remain at the computer station which has been assigned to you.
  • Working in teams is not allowed.
  • Bring your own headphones and personal storage devices. 



You can become a member and renew your membership in most libraries. You can also become a member digitally.

Register (In French)

Online services

Digital collections and online services are available at all times.



Bibliothèque du Boisé
2727 Boulevard Thimens
Montréal, QC H4R 1T4