Making a complaint about excessive noise

Last updated November 19, 2021

Find out how to report noise caused by your neighbours, a bar or residential renovation work.


Depending on the type of noise, your borough or the police department may intervene.

Parties and heavy vehicle traffic

Neighbourhood noise complaints include:

  • Parties at a neighbour’s house
  • Shouting or a noisy vehicle in the street
  • Air conditioners and heat pumps 
  • Merchandise deliveries and collection of commercial waste

Renovation and construction works

Renovations to a neighbour’s house keeping you awake at night? Filing a construction noise complaint could help you sleep.

Restaurants, shows and rehearsal spaces

Is loud music from a restaurant, terrace, rehearsal room or theatre bothering you? Or is it more like the sound of an auto repair garage? You could make a complaint about noise from a business.