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Meeting the challenge of growth with the city’s “Parcours Innovation” program

Investing in the development of small businesses contributes to the health of the economy and innovation in Montréal, helping companies in a variety of sectors to meet their growth challenges.

“Parcours C3” program: Personalized support for the arts and creative sectors

Organizations in the arts and creative sectors face special growth challenges. The “Parcours C2” program was designed to support them as they grow. The program offers one year of guidance to help them implement customized solutions.

“Parcours Développement Durable” : Preparing for the ecological transition

Montréal is offering guidance to entrepreneurs around sustainable development to help small businesses grow as they face the ecological transition. The “Parcours Développement Durable” program empowers businesses to implement personalized solutions in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

Montréal invests in support for businesses

The city and its team of economic development experts are guiding and supporting Montréal businesses’ growth. In 2021, a series of new programs and new measures have been launched to stimulate businesses’ economic recovery.

The Cabinet Créatif: A springboard for international growth

For Montréal companies that would like to export their expertise overseas, this entrepreneurship program may be the perfect springboard. The Cabinet Créatif helps arts and creative organizations to develop new international markets.

Open a business or launch a company

Would you like to open a business, take ownership of a commercial space, create a business establishment or run a company from home? Would you like to speak with an economic development commissioner? Find out what you need to do according to your situation.

The 2030 Montréal Agenda: Supporting sustainable, innovative living environments

With the 2030 Montréal Agenda, the city has made tangible commitments to sustainable social and ecological transition. The agenda is intended as a reference point for creating high-quality living environments through revisited practices and processes.

Colibri delivery makes urban logistics greener and more effective

Montréal is working to make urban delivery greener as part of its ecological transition. This mission is at the core of the Colibri project, which has shown that decarbonized delivery improves the quality of living environments and is more effective in densely populated areas.

Supporting merchants is a cornerstone of recovery

In order to help merchants get through the pandemic, the city implemented a plethora of emergency measures in collaboration with its partners. The challenge was huge. These measures had to be fast, effective and adaptable.

Using data to benefit social development

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal Studies (CIRM) and its partners from a variety of backgrounds are developing a digital data exchange platform to learn more about issues and needs that are specific to each Montréal community.