Cookouts in parks

Last updated June 6, 2023

Would you like to bring your grill to the park and have a cookout? Find out everything you need to know about having a BBQ in Montréal parks.

Using your own grill

Whatever the season, some parks let you bring your own grill and others do not. The rules depend on the park and the type of fuel used.

Neighbourhood parks

Each borough decides if residents can bring their own grills to parks.

Don’t leave gas or propane cans at the park — not even in a trash can. Instead, take your gas or propane cans home with you and dispose of them at the next hazardous household waste collection.

Use ash cans and do not put your charcoal ashes on the ground or in a trash can.

Public grills

This type of grill, which is attached to the ground, can be used if you don’t have your own grill. You can find them in these parks:

Bring your own charcoal. Don’t use twigs or branches to light your fire, as this may damage the grill.

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