2018-2022 Economic Development Strategy

Last updated June 9, 2021
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The economic development plan in support of the business community calls for a deployment over four years, across five high-potential sectors with five pillars: talent, entrepreneurship, economic hubs, internationalization of businesses, and dynamic business networks.

In order to ensure its prosperity, Montréal must become a driver for innovation, talent and development along economic, entrepreneurial, international, sustainable and social lines.

Montréal’s economic development plan is centred around five strategic sectors.

  • Creative and cultural industries
  • Life sciences and health technologies
  • Digital industry
  • Transport and mobility
  • Clean technologies

Montréal also has five orientations designed to accelerate its economic development.

  1. Focus on know-how and talent

We must strengthen labour skills, attract and retain talent, and ensure that the labour force is able to meet the needs of companies.

  1. Stimulate entrepreneurship

Our objective is to stimulate the creation of business ventures, support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, and increase the rate of survival among businesses and ensure their succession.

  1. Boost economic hubs

The city wishes to transform and densify industrial zones, improve the mobility of people and goods, foster complementarity and industrial synergy, and boost retail and local businesses.

  1. Promote Montréal on the international stage

The city wishes to heighten Montréal’s profile as a business hub, spur the development of Montréal businesses on international markets, and attract foreign investment

  1. Support an effective network

A client-centered approach must be taken, and the city must optimize its internal processes in order to increase the productivity of services and programs and strengthen Montréal’s ecosystem.