Action Plan for Social Innovation

This action plan is aimed at encouraging innovative initiatives that benefit the broader community by supporting social economy businesses (mutuals and cooperatives), NPOs, and private entrepreneurship for social purposes.

Social innovation provides solutions in response to changes in the city’s economy. It plays a role in Montréal’s appeal in terms of quality of life, development, and talent retention. 

By recognizing economic players who help bring about positive change, supporting collective initiatives and financing projects, the actions undertaken under the plan are designed to spur innovation.


  • Strengthen multiple social innovations emerging in Montréal.
  • Assert a vision rooted in a collective initiative that is transformational in scope.


  • $16.9 million
  • Over four years

Areas of implementation

  1. Create conditions that favour the emergence of social innovations.
  2. Promote social innovation and the social economy.
  3. Increase municipal procurements from the social economy.
  4. Bolster support and guidance for entrepreneurs and social innovators.

These four areas include 28 actions.