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Prix du livre jeunesse: 2022 edition

Find out which children’s books made the list of finalists in the 2022 edition of the Prix du livre jeunesse, presented by the city’s libraries.

Montréal’s flag and coat of arms

The flag and coat of arms of Montréal include five symbols representing the five founding peoples.

Municipal taxation: Diversifying city funding

How can Montréal vary its sources of revenue and make its ambitions tangible in a way that is aligned with the population’s ability to pay? This dialogue around taxation aims to find solutions for funding city activities other than property taxes.

Journée Patrimoine en fête: Celebrating our roots and history in Lachine

Patrimoine en fête will be held on October 1, 2022 at Parc René-Lévesque in Lachine. At this special day, the whole family can enjoy free activities under the theme of history, heritage and art.

Cultural programming and shows in Fall 2022 in Lachine

In Fall 2022, here is the programming of the Arrondissement de Lachine.

Work project between Avenue Dollard and 90e Avenue: news and impacts

Construction work for a drinking water main, part of the Aqueduc de l’Ouest project, is underway in LaSalle. Find out what you need to know about this project, its impacts and the solutions provided by Montréal.

Dorval: Rebuilding of a stormwater sewer

The project consists of the reconstruction of a stormwater sewer located in Dorval, south of Autoroute 20. The work will extend the useful life of a collector and ensure high-quality services for future generations.

Open or closed: Holiday schedule for offices, facilities and services

During the holidays, some Montréal facilities will be closed and some services may be offered according to different schedules.

MP3 player loans in Montréal’s libraries: French-language podcasts to check out

Did you know that city libraries lend members MP3 players that can be used to listen to a series of French-language podcasts? It’s a great way for both children and adults to have fun while practicing their French.

Impacts of a disaster on property assessment

Has your building been damaged by flooding? Has your house been partially destroyed by fire? Both of these cases could result in a review of your property value. Learn what you need to know in the event of a disaster.