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Why replace lead service lines?

Some buildings with eight dwellings or fewer that were built before 1970 have water service lines. Lead could dissolve into the water, which could impact people’s health if they drink it. This is why the city is replacing lead service lines between May and October.

Retention basins: Limiting wastewater discharge

The city is building retention basins, which are underground structures that reduce sewer backup and prevent wastewater from being discharged into our waterways.

Rehabilitation work: Extending the lives of drinking water and sewer lines

When drinking water or sewer lines arrive at the end of their lives, work is done to repair them and extend their useful life for 50 more years. In 2021, 25 km of drinking water lines and 55 km of sewer lines were renovated.

Curb extensions: Crossing the street safely

Each year, the city builds curb extensions. The work to build them involves widening sidewalks and narrowing roads. This makes intersections safer for all users and makes the urban landscape more attractive.

Bike paths: A developing network

Bike paths make getting around Montréal pleasant and efficient. Each year, we perform maintenance and development work on the bike path network to reduce traffic and make sure all road users stay safe.

LED street lighting: a safe technology

The LED lighting used on Montréal streets offers better visibility than traditional sodium lighting. In addition to being safer, it delivers significant energy and cost savings.

Street lighting: replacement of all light fixtures in Montréal

Did you know that Montréal has 132,000 street lights? After decades of use, they are reaching the end of their useful life. The city is presently converting all its street lighting to LED technology. This is one of the largest projects of its kind in North America.

Street light replacement: News and impacts

Work to replace street lights with LED lighting could impact your daily routine. Here’s everything you need to know.

Inspection of fire hydrants

The city performs an annual inspection of fire hydrants within its limits in order to ensure that they meet safety standards. These tests can cause water pressure to drop and tap water to become temporarily discoloured.

What to do if your tap water is discoloured

Is your tap water discoloured? Is it yellow, brown, grey or red (rust-coloured)? Normally this situation won’t last long and it is easy to eliminate by following a few steps before consuming the water.