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Hazardous household waste

Cans of paint, cleaning products, used oil, used batteries and dead lightbulbs, etc. Find out how to safely dispose of toxic, inflammable, corrosive or explosive products.

Hazardous materials

What are the risks of toxic substances being released, or hazardous materials being spilled, in Montréal? What steps has Montréal taken to make sure the population is safe in the event of an accident? Find out how this kind of disaster is managed.

Heat wave

What steps does Montréal take to protect the population during a heat wave? Who is most at risk? Find out how heat waves are managed in Montréal.

Heating dwelling units

Proper heating is vital to ensure the comfort and safety of occupants. If you are a tenant or the owner of a dwelling in Montréal, learn everything you need to know about heating.

Higher education and research

Montréal is internationally renowned as a city of knowledge and talent. Its institutions of higher education directly contribute to its economic and community development as well as its reputation as a leader in research and innovation.

Home library services

Several services and programs allow residents to get easy access to books, films and other documents usually available in libraries free of charge. These options are geared to people aged 65 and older, or people with limited mobility.

Homelessness and social cohabitation

Montréal and its partners offer various resources to support and guide people experiencing homelessness. Here’s an overview of what’s available.

Household waste

Are you wondering what you can throw in the garbage at home? Or at what time you should put out the trash? Find practical information about household waste collections here.

How public consultations work

Each year, Montréal’s municipal administration consults residents on a wide variety of subjects that are local or general in scope, including development projects, special planning programs, draft by-laws, or policies. Residents are invited to join the public debate by expressing their views on the projects that are shaping their experience in Montréal. Learn more about public consultations.

How the city solicits suppliers

Want to know how the city solicits suppliers of goods, general or professional services or for the execution of work? Here is what you need to know.