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Arenas and outdoor skating rinks

Wondering where you might teach your kids to skate? Looking for an outdoor rink to play hockey with friends? Enjoy Montréal’s arenas and outdoor rinks in city parks.

Artists and cultural organizations

Are you an artist, a cultural or recreational organization, or an actor in the creative or digital sector? The following financing and support programs may help you bring your projects to fruition.

Authorized pets

In Montréal, only certain types of pets are authorized.

Awarding of contracts

Want to know how city contracts are awarded? What by-laws apply or how to attend a bid opening? Here is what you need to know.

Balconies, stairs and other protruding elements

Provincial and federal standards apply to staircases, terraces, balconies and awnings. Montréal residents must also comply with regulations in their borough.


Searching for a field to play baseball? Want to enjoy a game of softball with friends or reserve a field once a week for your friendly league? Learn everything you need to know in order to practice this sport on baseball and softball fields in Montréal.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs propagate rapidly and can be found in all types of homes. Immediate action is required to control bed bug infestations. Learn what you need to do in the event of an infestation.

Bikes and bike paths

Are you a cyclist looking to park your bicycle on the sidewalk? Are you planning an event and need to have a sidewalk bicycle rack relocated? Find out all about bicycle racks here.


Have you heard people talking about biodiversity and want to know more? Would you like to know how you can do your part? Find out more about biodiversity in the heart of the city.

Birds and other wild animals

Montréal is home to a variety of birds, rodents and wild mammals. How can you prevent squirrels from getting into your garbage bins? What should you do if you see a pigeon that is injured or a dead skunk? Learn more about what to do in these situations.