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Écocentre Saint-Laurent: Giving gypsum a second life

Did you know that gypsum board debris can be transformed to enrich farmland or used as absorbent material by pumping companies and commercial garages? The Écocentre Saint-Laurent is participating in a pilot project to give gypsum a second life.

Work on Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest: Updates and impacts

The water main reconstruction work on Rue Saint-Antoine may affect your daily life. Here is what you need to know.

Changes to traffic lights

Montréal is taking action on traffic lights at a rate of some 300 intersections per year. These work operations are required to maintain and improve infrastructures and the different functions of traffic lights.

Construction of the new Jacques-Bizard Bridge

A new Jacques-Bizard Bridge is being built to replace the old one, which is reaching the end of its life. Located a few metres from the current bridge, the new structure will allow 30,000 vehicles to cross each day, and make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to move around.

Mobile social intervention team

The mission of the mobile mediation and social intervention team is to act quickly in response to conflict, distress or cohabitation situations in public spaces that affect vulnerable people or people experiencing difficulties.

Rue De Champlain project

Rue De Champlain in Ville-Marie will be redeveloped between Rue Sherbrooke Est and Rue La Fontaine. The planned work includes the rebuilding of underground infrastructures and surface upgrading of Rue De Champlain.

Rue Peel: more user-friendly than ever!

Montréal is happy to announce that work is complete on the Rue Peel, between Rue Smith and Boulevard René-Lévesque,  infrastructure and surface redesign.

Heritage at the centre of Rue Peel’s redesign

Learn how the city worked with members of the Kahnawà:ke community to highlight archaeological discoveries dating back to the period between 1350 and 1460, which reveal Iroquoian presence in what is now central Montréal.

Peel: A pedestrian and bicycle network

One of the main objectives of the Peel project is to promote active transportation and transit by improving the pedestrian and cyclist experience. In doing this, the project will also help create a human-scaled street, accessible and attractive for everyone.

Integrated projects: Achieving several objectives at once

Montréal has hundred-year-old underground infrastructures that must be progressively replaced. The city is taking advantage of these necessary major projects to get as much work done at the same time as possible and reduce nuisances to residents.