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Discover the universe of snow removal in Montréal with Stéphane Bellavance

Snow, ice, rain, black ice: snow removal in Montréal is a galactic challenge. Stéphane Bellavance takes you on a voyage to find out how Montréal’s teams successfully complete their mission of clearing snow from the 10,000 km of streets and sidewalks despite the obstacles and vagaries of the weather.

Snow Clearing in Lachine

When the snowflakes return, our crews move into action to make your streets, sidewalks and bike paths safe and passable. Here’s how you can contribute to the success of snow clearance operations.

Montréal – Resident Services app

Use our app to request city services online.

Keeping traffic flowing during construction

Each year, Montréal and its boroughs operate more than 500 construction sites. They are a real challenge for road traffic. The solution is proper planning and effective communication to ensure that everyone can remain mobile during construction.

Bridges and tunnels: who's in charge?

Maintenance of Montreal’s bridges and tunnels is sometimes carried out by other municipalities, governments, Crown corporations or consortia. Find out which ones the city is involved with.

Seven myths about snow removal

Did you know about 190 cm of snow and 175 mm of rain falls on Montréal each winter? Snow and ice removal operations are essential to urban mobility in winter, yet there’s a lot most people don’t know about it. Check out these seven myths about snow removal in Montréal.

Peel: A pedestrian and bicycle network

One of the main objectives of the Peel project is to promote active transportation and transit by improving the pedestrian and cyclist experience. In doing this, the project will also help create a human-scaled street, accessible and attractive for everyone.

Integrated projects: Achieving several objectives at once

Montréal has hundred-year-old underground infrastructures that must be progressively replaced. The city is taking advantage of these necessary major projects to get as much work done at the same time as possible and reduce nuisances to residents.

Commercial streets: Essential and sustainable work

The city is working on certain commercial streets to rebuild infrastructures that are outdated or in poor condition. This work gives merchants access to quality infrastructures. It also offers an opportunity to redesign commercial streets to be more user-friendly.

Construction in parks:Creating spaces that are more inviting and more accessible

Montréal has nearly 1,500 local parks and 21 large parks that are open to the public in its 19 boroughs. Each year, we carry out construction and renovation projects in parks to make them more inviting and more accessible to everyone.