Cycling and bike paths

Montréal is a great place to bike. Its vast network of 1065 km of bike lanes makes it easy to travel all over the city, through parks, and along the river.

Bike paths

Express Bike Network (EBN)

The EBN, also known as the Réseau express vélo (REV), is the backbone of Montréal’s cycling network. This user-friendly and attractive infrastructure is accessible all year round. Cycle paths that run through the boroughs connect to this network.

Bicycle network map

You can use this map to see the bike network, identify the different types of lanes it contains and find the bike routes around your geolocation or a given address.

Wintertime access

In winter, you can still use a bike. You just need the right equipment. Many bike lanes are cleared of snow at the same time as the street is, or soon after.

Among them:

  • 234 km are bike paths protected by physical elements such as concrete walls and poles
  • 495 km are bike lanes with ground markings and signage

During or after a snow clearing operation, part of the bike lane may not be accessible due to snow that is piled on either  side of the road. The full lane will be accessible again once snow loading is complete.

Did you notice that snow wasn’t properly cleared from a bike path? Let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Bikes routes

Montréal has several bike routes which allow cyclists and cars to travel together and improve the comfort and safety of cyclists.

Specific traffic rules apply. For example, cyclists are allowed to ride side by side, across the full width of the street. Drivers must adapt to the speed of cyclists.

Bike plan

The Bike Plan aims to plan and design the bike path network. It illustrates the existing network and identifies potential links to be developed. The city updates the plan every four years or so.

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